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Strawberry Field Forever!

The famous Music Man Project Student Ambassadors have delivered another inspirational workshop to children and adults with learning disabilities. As usual, our aim was to kick-start a new regional version of our service, but this one was unique. This one was at Strawberry Field!

Strawberry Field and the original Victorian house were gifted to The Salvation Army in 1934. For nearly 70 years, it gave some of Liverpool’s most vulnerable children a refuge from turmoil and unhappiness – a safe, calm and spiritual home. Before Beatles fame, John Lennon came to Strawberry Field to play, reflect and escape the post-War streets of Woolton. It was later immortalised in the famous song, ‘Strawberry Field Forever’. Thanks to the Salvation Army, the iconic red gates are now open to the public and a brand-new centre provides opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

The MMP UK Student Ambassadors outside the original Strawberry Field red gate

After the obligatory photos and a visit to the Beatles museum, we finally began our 4-hour workshop, hoping to inspire the local learning-disabled community to join our great big musical family. Peering at us through big glass windows, curious Japanese tourists momentarily looked up from the decorative gardens embellished with Beatles lyrics to join in with the actions to our songs. Before long Strawberry Field was alive with the sound of our most loved hits: ‘Music is Magic’, ‘Note by Note’ and ‘High Low Middle’, mixed with the occasional rendition of ‘Yellow Submarine’! The Ambassadors worked their magic, showing what they can do and making everyone in the room believe they could do it too.

Participants at the workshop to launch MMP Strawberry Field

We have delivered dozens of similar workshops around the country, but this latest leg of our UK tour was extra special. Being a member of The Music Man Project leads to some amazing opportunities. Our musical bucket list already includes the Royal Albert Hall, London Palladium and Royal College of Music. Strawberry Field gave us all that same tingle of excitement. That same sense of heritage and history.

Following in the footsteps of the Beatles, our ambassadors officially launched ‘The Music Man Project Strawberry Field’ and we know this particular outpost of our charity will go far. They already have a set of new instruments, a lovely tutor and a great group of students to continue our work on a regular basis.

Music Man Project at Strawberry Field Forever!

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