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'Any Dream Will Do' for our Wendy and the incredible Lee Mead

Several years ago, Music Man Project UK Student Ambassador, Wendy "Woo" attended class wearing a multi-coloured jumper. We joked that she looked like Joseph and we all sang 'Any 'Woo' Will Do', much to her delight and amusement. We have sung Wendy the same song every week ever since. It is always a moment of great joy and hilarity, typically accompanied by a special dance from a grinning Wendy herself.

From the London Palladium to the Royal Albert Hall, from a Guinness World Record to performing to members of the Royal Family and helping to launch Music Man Projects from Southampton to Scotland, Wendy has done it all. Most memorably, she opened the National Lottery TV advert, "Three is the Magic Number".

As we prepared to perform in a special tribute concert for the late Sir David Amess, renowned singer and actor, Lee Mead visited The Music Man Project to rehearse with the house band that I had formed especially for the event. Lee's set culminated with the song which made him most famous: "Any Dream Will Do" from the musical Joseph. Lee wore the famous Technicolour Dreamcoat for over 600 hundred performances in the West End.

During the rehearsal, Wendy sidled up to Lee and told him that she loved him! Before long they were singing a duet and planning their performance together! Two days later, at Southend City's Cliffs Pavilion Theatre, the moment came for "Any Dream Will Do". Out came Wendy Woo from the wings, dressed in Lee's Technicolour Dreamcoat - one of only a handful in existence in the world. Together Lee and Wendy sang the famous song to more than a thousand people. Wendy had done it again!

It was a truly magical moment and a highlight of the whole remarkable concert. The Music Man Project is all about making dreams come true - and any dream will do!

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Feb 18, 2022

I won’t ever forget the moment we saw Lee Mead out that special coat on Wendy at the Sunday rehearsal - it was so special - real magic - as was the actual performance👏🙏

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