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The Stories Behind the Babies 5: Aidan

In June 2020 The Music Man Project released a video for my new song 'Have You Ever Stopped to Think'. It featured beautiful photographs of our musicians as babies. In this series of blogs, I delve behind the pictures to reveal the stories behind the babies...

Here is Aidan's story, told by his mum...

Aidan was born 7 weeks early after I developed pre-eclampsia. He was taken straight to PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) because he had a collapsed lung. 7 weeks later he was discharged home only to be rushed back to the children’s ward because he kept going blue whilst feeding.

A further 2 months passed with many scans, tests and more tests to find out why his oxygen SATs kept dropping, sometimes to a 45! It was very scary to watch. Eventually ENT discovered he had a narrowed airway and popped a tracheostomy in so his airway could be rebuilt. After a very long, tiring 2 years and 23 operations, Aidan had his tracheostomy taken out. He still has a daily battle with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and severe learning disabilities but he just gets on and deals with it. From being told he would never eat, talk, walk or run, he now does all of these and is thriving. He has overcome every barrier thrown at him. Aidan is a miracle baby who sees life as fun and never lets a day go by without laughing and smiling.

Watch Aidan in 'Have You Ever Stopped to Think?'

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