David Stanley's Original Compositions and Arrangements

Music written for The Music Man Project charity is subject to Intellectual Property Law and requires specific permission by the copyright holder, David Stanley.

Please contact David Stanley for permission to download the PDF files below.

The Music Man Project Songbook

YouTube Playlist

  1. English Rose (standalone version)

  2. Follow the Music!

  3. Have You Ever Stopped to Think?    Website Resources

  4. Here We Are!

  5. Hey There!    Website Resources

  6. High Low Middle    Website Resources

  7. It’s Animals I Adore    Website Resources

  8. Join Together    Website Resources

  9. London Palladium (2017 London Palladium version)

  10. Make a Difference

  11. Music is Magic    Website Resources

  12. Note by Note    Website Resources

  13. Now We're on Broadway!

  14. Peace and Hope    Website Resources

  15. Sizanani Suite

  16. The Music Man's Guide to the Orchestra

  17. Together We Are Strong

  18. Ukularmy!    Website Resources

  19. United We Stand    Website Resources

  20. We Are the Future Now    Website Resources

  21. We Will Remember

  22. We Will Remember (extended arrangement) Music Man March No.1

  23. Welcome to Music School

  24. You Can Have It All at the Royal Albert Hall

  25. You Can Play the Chinese Way

  26. You Can Play the Russian Way

  27. You Got Music!

Music is Magic in Space (Royal Albert Hall, 2019)

YouTube Playlist (Concert Footage)

  1. Overture

  2. We're on a Mission

  3. a) Think of the World You Leave Behind Underscore b) Think of the World You Leave Behind (Blue to Black)
  4. Moon Landing Underscore

  5. One Poor Lonely Mite

  6. Passage to Mars Underscore

  7. Martian Greeting

  8. First Musical Contact

  9. Finale A Giant Leap for Mankind

The Label (London Palladium, 2017)     

YouTube Playlist (Studio Album)

Original Production (MMP-TV)

  1. Prologue The Seed You Sow

  2. Campaign

  3. Not Like This

  4. Books

  5. Want Me Love Me

  6. The Postman's Song

  7. Not Like This Reprise

  8. Hey Dad Look at Me

  9. The Seed You Have Sown

  10. Here I Am

From the Asylum to the Palladium (London Palladium, 2015)

Original Production (MMP-TV)


  1. Adamas

  2. Uno Dos Tres Cuatro

  3. My English Rose

  4. Would You Wear Someone Else’s Knickers?

  5. Everyone Deserves to be Happy!

  6. My English Rose (underscore)

  7. Adamas Reprise

  8. For the Best

  9. In My Garden

  10. My English Rose Reprise

  11. London Palladium

Hate Crime, The Musical 

(Essex Hate Crime Convention, 2013/

Kent Hate Crime Convention, 2019)

  1. Because He’s Scared

  2. Hate Hate Crime

  3. The Thin Edge of the Wedge

  4. Don't Be Silent

Special Schools

  1. Mid Summer's Night Dream

  2. What’s the Weather Like Today/The Days of the Week Song

  3. The Glenwood School Song

  4. The Kingsdown School Song

The Music Man Project Original Instrumental Works

  1. Concerto for Trumpet, Trombone and 1521 Triangles (Guinness World Record Version)    Website Resources

  2. Sax Appeal

The Music Man Project Original Arrangements for Hand Percussion

YouTube Playlist (Slideshows)

  1. Liberty Bell    Website Resources

  2. Washington Post    Website Resources

  3. Stars and Stripes Forever    Website Resources

  4. Radetzky March

  5. Blaze Away    Website Resources

  6. Kitten on the Keys    Website Resources

  7. Sabre Dance    Website Resources

  8. Kumbaya

The Music Man Project at Christmas Songs and Arrangements

  1. When a Child is Born

Original Nativity Songs

  1. Angels Galore

  2. Come See A Wonderful Sight

  3. Creation

  4. Follow That Star

  5. Give Praise to the Lord

  6. Glory Glory!

  7. Hand in Hand

  8. Have I Got News for You

  9. Here is Jesus

  10. Hole in the Roof

  11. It Cannot Be

  12. Joe’s Dream

  13. Kings on a Mission

  14. Let Us In!

  15. Open Your Heart to Jesus

  16. Our Jesus in the Stall

  17. Raise Your Mugs

  18. She’s Only A Girl

  19. Song of the Animals

  20. The Estate Agent

  21. The Nativity: It Had to Be

  22. The Saviour is Born Today

  23. The Shepherd’s Song

  24. The Star at Night

  25. This Is It

  26. Tough Luck Herod

  27. We Are Novice Angels

  28. We Are the Magi!

  29. Why Me

  30. Wise Men No No

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